Charlie Sheen Urges Fans to Deface Kid's Former School; Officials Want Actor Prosecuted

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Charlie Sheen urged his fans to deface his daughter's former school earlier this week, and officials at the school want to see him prosecuted as a result.

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Sheen encouraged fans to exact revenge on the school after it did nothing to address a bullying situation involving his 9-year-old daughter Sam.

Specifically, the 47-year-old actor suggested people start egging the place, toilet papering it and/or hucking dog feces at the building. Good times.

Charlie removed Sam, his daughter with Denise Richards, from the Viewpoint School last May; it's unclear why he waited until now to go off about it.

The parents and administrators, in any case, and needless to say, are pissed at Charlie's antics, fearing fans may actually act on the call to fecal arms.

Several parents at the Viewpoint School say a meeting was held Thursday night to address Sheen's Twitter rant; some want him to be prosecuted.

As far as they're concerned, Sheen has demonstrated that he is not only a credible threat to act upon his threats but a violent person as well.

Parents say he's threatened to shoot people, beat up Brooke Mueller, held a knife to her throat, shot Kelly Preston, and trapped a hooker in his hotel room.

You know, among many other things. Sheen was never prosecuted for most of that, but needless to say, his track record is less than ... sterling.

Officials are lobbying to have him investigated for criminal threats as well as inciting violence and have contacted authorities about his nefarious plot.

Probably overreacting a little. He had to be kidding ... okay, maybe not.

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