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The Houston Astros will open the season this Sunday, making their first appearance as an American League team after switching from the National League during the offseason.

While the switch allows them an extra hitter in the form of a DH, nobody expects that to matter. Why? Because the Astros have the lowest salary in baseball.

Their salary is so low, in fact, that injured third baseman Alex Rodriguez is making more than the entire team in Houston! And he may not even see the field this year! Yikes!


A-Rod is the highest-payed player in the Majors, and he plays for the New York Yankees, who have had the biggest salary in baseball for fifteen years running!

In fact, the Yankees have four of the top six highest-payed players on their roster, with a projected total salary of $228 million, compared to the Astros’ measly $25.

The Yankees tried to void A-Rod’s contract of $29 million per year after he was under investigation for PED use. But that didn’t happen, and now Rodriguez is on the disabled list while his hip surgery recovery will keep him out for at least half the season.

So the Yankees are paying almost 10 times more for their team than the Astros! Is this getting out of hand? Should Major League Baseball finally institute a salary cap?