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Despite being sent packing by Sean Lowe just three DAYS ago, increasingly unstable Tierra LiCausi of The Bachelor fame is apparently engaged already.

Yes, her older brother Tyler confirms she’s tying the knot!

“Tierra got engaged in January. We’re ecstatic for her. She is so happy!” her big brother said. “They had been together for three years on-and-off.”

They had broken up in the summer [before the show].” 


The controversial and widely disliked 24-year-old won’t reveal the identity of her mystery man, and her brother won’t either, saying that “she asked me not to.”

The only detail he can reveal is that he “and his family have a very lucrative business in Las Vegas.” Oh, and you may get to meet him before long.

“She’s not sure if she’s going on the Women Tell All … if she does, ABC wants him to appear with her. They’ll reveal his identity there. She’s still deciding.”

So obviously she’ll be there to soak up all the attention she can. Nice.

On the show, Tierra LiCausi stirred up drama with the other women with curt comments and emotional breakdowns, but she claims she’s just misunderstood.

“She’s pretty upset about how ABC edited her but she stays off the Internet … they just showed the girls talking about her and none of their conversations,” he said.

“She doesn’t read the blogs. Tierra says she kept to herself most of the time and was just there to see what was up with her and Sean, not to make friends.”

Ever since being booted by Sean Lowe, LiCausi has been happily planning her wedding with her mystery fiance, although the “date keeps changing.”

Congratulations, probably!

Back to the show, who do you want to win? The Bachelor spoilers will give you an idea of who does … but in your opinion, who would be best with Sean?