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After taking the women to Whitefish, Montana, on Monday night, Sean Lowe took them even farther north in a special Tuesday Bachelor episode.

Yes … it was back on last tonight. For two hours.

The star of this “event” (and season) was Tierra LiCausi, who continues to redefine shamelessness with each passing week. It’s almost impressive.

What did she pull last night? And did she get a rose? Check out The Bachelor spoilers if you dare, then come along for THG’s +/- recap!

Sean Lowe and Chris Harrison

Catherine Giudici, long rumored to be a frontrunner, proved it last night.

Frolicking on a glacier one minute, pivoting to a traumatic experience from her childhood the next, she’s playing straight into The Bachelor’s hand.

She is pretty cute, too. Plus 20.


Spirit, warmth, originality and depth like this are what Sean Lowe is looking for, and who can blame him. She could be the one to beat. Plus 20.

The group date featured more canoes. Gotta give the producers credit for really taking these ladies out of their comfort zones this season. Plus 20.

And for getting Sean Lowe shirtless. In Canada, in winter. Plus 20.

Lesley Murphy won the race. Not by paddling, but by sitting next to Sean and thus letting his ripped self do most of the work as she looked pretty. Plus 10.

Sean invites the ladies to do a polar bear plunge with him into a nearly freezing lake. The reactions were nothing short of priceless from the crew. Plus 10.

Selma wouldn’t do it because “her people” were not made for the cold. Yet she was complaining about the heat in the desert too, was she not?

Her people were made for Central A/C apparently. Minus 25.

In the end, everyone had a blast, even if it was as cold as f–k … except for Tierra, who used it to fake a hypothermic health crisis. Really. Minus 75.

Tierra’s hilariously exaggerated shivering and breathing difficulties earned her an oxygen tank and a warm bed, as well as a lot of camera time.

What it cost her was any remaining respect from America, even after her milking it almost as hard just one night earlier. Small price to pay, T. Minus 20.

Of course, she can’t participate in the rest of the date either … until she suddenly feels better, gets dressed and crashes it. Woman has no shame. Minus 50.

Feeling as if she deserved a rose for her troubles, Tierra glared in rage as Sean gave the rose of the night to Lesley. Good choice, Sean. Plus 25.

Sean said he had turned a corner with Lesley. What that means, we have no idea, since he’s open about feelings with all of them. But hey, Plus 10.

In a bit of a shocker, Sarah was sent home mid-episode. Minus 20 because it was sad for her, but Plus 15 for not putting her through the ceremony.

It wasn’t because of the arm, either. Sean said he was trying to force feelings that weren’t there, and that was honest. At least he tried. Plus 10.

Desiree Hartsock’s one-on-one date entailed rappelling down a rock wall, a mountain picnic, a tree climbing competition. Standard Bachelor. Plus 10.

Then it was Des’ turn to get serious, describing how she lived in a tent with her family for months at a time, emphasizing the importance of togetherness.

Sean gave her a rose, and Plus 20 for that. Even if it was hard to tell what her point was, it’s hard not to appreciate her outlook on life and love.

Selma kissed Sean on national TV in hopes of getting a rose, but it was not to be. Double ouch for what her family’s reaction back home will be. Minus 40.

Lindsay earned a rose after a make out session, while AshLee got one after a lame stunt involving a blindfold. No points, because we like her … but wow.

Tierra got the last rose, and Daniella was predictably sent packing, having never gotten a one-on-one date. Minus 10, because Tierra is insane.

Roses: Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay, Lesley, AshLee and Tierra.

Out: Daniella, Selma and Sarah. Down to six, people!