Teen Sues Parents Over Abortion, Fights to Conceive Child

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A 16-year old in Texas has filed a lawsuit against her parents because they are reportedly forcing her to get an abortion.

The unidentified minor is two months along and is represented by two attorneys, with the unusual legal battle primed for a civil courthouse in Texas.

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One of those lawyers, Stephen Casey, says he is "asking a judge to stop [the parents] from physically forcing her to have an abortion. She is legally protected, so they cannot drag her to an abortion clinic and force an abortion on our client."

The lawsuit also alleges verbal abuse against the girl's parents, while quoting a conversation they supposedly had with her grandparents in which they made a reference to slipping their child "an abortion pill through deception."

Even though the young woman is a minor, Casey argues she has the power to make this decision.

“What Roe established, and the cases after that, was that a minor has an absolutely right to make her choice. And what’s revealing is, a lot of times, when people say, I do want to make the choice, people are shocked when they want to choose to carry the baby.”

A hearing is scheduled on the matter for later today.