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Is Sean Lowe the best star of The Bachelor in its storied history?

Best is a subjective term, of course, but many viewers of the long-running reality show (17 seasons!) seem to think so, and the reasons why are manifold.

For the past few seasons, the show has become more about The Bachelor spoilers and watching insane drama play out than about the quest for love.

At least in the weeks between the premiere and hometown dates, it’s been mostly forgettable, however Sean Lowe is doing his best to change that.


Passed over for being too perfect by Emily Maynard and dismissed by some fans early on for being too boring, the 29-year-old may in fact be the real deal.

First and foremost, he’s a genuinely good guy.

You can say that about a lot of people, sure … but a lot of Bachelor stars? Stories of Sean’s good deeds are more numerous than his shirtless photos.

He’s never had an unkind word to say about anyone, and week after week, he appears more in more invested in handing out roses to find a wife.

Even when it comes to tweaking the show’s dating rules to be more inclusive to the women, Sean’s looking out for others as well as looking for love.

Those little things go a long way.

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He’s also genuinely into a lot of the girls on the show. That could be a problem down the road, of course, but for now it’s endearing to say the least.

AshLee Frazier, Desiree Hartsock, Catherine Giudici, Lesley Murphy, Lindsay Yenter, Sarah Herron, Selma Alameri … even crazy Tierra LiCausi.

He seems like he’s genuinely falling for all of the above, or at least open to the idea. That makes for a more compelling season right off the bat.

Part of the credit goes to the casting office for bringing on such a varied, diverse group of women to vie for Sean’s affections and injure themselves.

Sorry, Tierra. You asked for that one babes.

What will go down tonight on the second of two back-to-back episodes this week? We can only imagine, and will be there to recap it every step of the way.

Sean Lowe as The Bachelor: Best ever?