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The Bachelor axe fell on Sarah Herron this week, as Sean Lowe didn’t even wait until the rose ceremony to send her on her way after a group date.

Needless to say, she was taken by surprise.

“I didn’t expect to go home. I was caught off guard,” she said. “I had every intention of taking him home to Colorado and introducing him to my family.”

Sierra J.

Was it the baby photos that backfired?

“I don’t think that it would have changed Sean’s mind whether I showed him the photos on night one or in the fantasy suite,” Herron tells People.


“He knew how he felt about me and the others, [however] the photos probably made him realize he needed to be honest sooner rather than later.”

Did the first-date curse rear its ugly head?

“Getting the first one-on-one date – as magical as it was – was a curse,” she said. “We had an amazing connection right off the bat and then I had to sit back.”

“I had to wait for him to develop relationships with the other women … It became more and more difficult to sustain a connection. Feelings fizzle”

“It was very sad and confusing … I had very strong feelings for Sean. It’s human nature to feel embarrassed when you’re dumped on television.”

“I’m not mad at Sean. I respect that he didn’t string me along. We all know he is looking for his wife and can’t blame him for not feeling it with me.”

As for who’s best for Lowe going forward? The Bachelor spoilers have a lot to say about that. What about Sarah, who knows the women fairly well?

“I’m starting to see the chemistry between Sean and [Catherine Giudici],” she says.

“She was a bit of a dark horse. She’s a down-to-earth, real girl so it warms my heart to see the undeniable special connection between them.”

“I always saw his connection with Lesley. Lindsay is a tiny ball of fun. AshLee has the biggest heart, but she’s not a goofball like I think Sean is looking for.”

“Desiree is spunky and very real.”

That about covers everybody left … well, with one exception. Tierra LiCausi? She’s not feeling the love between Sean and this season’s villain.

“I don’t see them being much of a match at all. I think he’s probably very surprised watching [the show] because I don’t think he saw what we did.”