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Now that Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together (at least for now), how serious is it? Based on recent photos – and comments – it seems pretty serious.

The 25-year-old told the Observer that she’d love have kids in “the near future,” gushing to the publication: “Hell yeah! But I wish I could order them!”

Yeah, being pregnant is a drag … right Kim Kardashian?

Rihanna also denied reports that she’s fallen out with BFF Katy Perry, who is reportedly not a big fan of her controversial reconciliation with Chris Brown.


“Katy Perry can date anyone she wants,” she said, also denying that she’s received blowback from the star. “I could never give relationship advice to anybody.”

If nothing else, she seems perfectly honest and content to own her choice to get back with Chris. For better or worse, it’s her decision and hers alone.

Still, you can tell she feels she has a little something to prove.

“He’s not the monster everyone thinks,” the singer insists.

“He’s a good person. He has a fantastic heart. He’s giving and loving. And he’s fun to be around. That’s what I love about him – he always makes me laugh.”

Rihanna and Chris Brown back together: Your thoughts?