Rihanna, Chris Brown Get Shout-Out in Law & Order Episode Based on Rihanna, Chris Brown

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Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together, and the writers of Law and Order: SVU sought to cash in on the buzz with last night's explosive episode.

In the Law & Order episode based on them, their names were changed to Mischa and Caleb, but many of the case's events played out just like in real life.

The cops even liken Mischa and Caleb to Rihanna and Chris Brown.

First, there's a domestic violence incident as Mischa sees Caleb hugging some girl and says, "I can't leave you alone for five minutes without you getting trashy."

An enraged Caleb's response: "Who you steppin' to, skinny ass ho!"

Her head is slammed on the ground. She is punched in the face.

After Mischa refuses to testify against Caleb, a la Rih in 2009, the detective says, "These two should go on a double with Chris Brown and Rihanna."

Amazing. This being Law & Order, last night's ending was fictionalized, of course (unless Chris decides he's going to KILL Rihanna later this year).

As Caleb and Mischa enjoy a romantic moment on a private yacht, she asks about a text on his phone, again - and he tells her to mind her own business.

The next scene we see is of a reporter at a memorial service for Mischa, whose body was found dead and lifeless in the ocean, next to the yacht.

Eerie stuff.

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