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Sorry, ladies, but Nick Carter is off the market.

The Backstreet Boy tells People he has found his fire and, yes, his one true desire: Nick is engaged to Lauren Kitt!

Carter says he had the ring in his pocket for “two weeks” and he finally popped the huge question during a boat ride through the Florida Keys.

Lauren Kitt with Nick Carter

However… “My boat was in such bad condition because I hadn’t used it for, like, six years,” he explains. “It took me five days literally on my hands and knees, scraping up my body [to fix it,]. The engine wasn’t complete yet but we still decided to go out.”

But it all worked out for the best, as Carter proposed with some friends and Kitt’s father around.

He says he was “in shock” when she said yes. The same can apparently be said for Kitt, a fitness expert and part-time actress.

“I wasn’t expecting it. It just felt very surreal,” she said. “We both are just so happy in love right now and on cloud nine.”