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Nancy Gonzalez, a federal prison guard was charged Tuesday with having an illegal affair with Ronell Wilson, a notorious convicted cop killer.

She later became pregnant with his child.

Gonzalez, 29, was arrested on charges she intentionally engaged in a sex act with Wilson while working at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center.

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She became pregnant in June.

Gonzalez appeared in court Tuesday, visibly with child and crying with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was released on $150,000 bond.


“She’s had a very tragic life,” said Gonzalez’s attorney, Anthony Rico.

“She has long-term issues that affected her life and judgment.”

“These are very serious charges,” he added, refusing comment on whether Wilson pressured Gonzalez into the affair, which could earn her 15 years in prison.

Gonzalez was seen by other inmates going in and out of Wilson’s cell starting in March 2012, meeting him in a vacant activity room next to his cell

This was when other inmates were supposed to be sleeping.

“I took a chance because I was so vulnerable and wanted to be loved and now I am carrying his child,” Gonzalez said, according to court papers.

She said she “kind of got sucked into his world,” and that she “felt like, well, why not give him a child as far as giving him some kind of hope.”

She confessed her relationship with Wilson to a different boyfriend, another inmate who had been under her supervision at the federal prison.

After she became pregnant, Wilson’s mother made contact, requesting a sonogram photo. Gonzalez worried about the calls and being exposed.

“I know what’s to come. I know what is going to be said about me,” she said, according to court papers. “How am I going to explain this to this little boy?”

“Mommy was in the military … Mommy was a C.O., Mommy got wrapped up … the opposite end is with a person who took lives. So how do you explain that?”

Wilson, 30, is one of New York’s most notorious police killers.

He was a young gang member on Staten Island when he was convicted in the murders of undercover officers James Nemorin and Rodney Andrews.

In that 2006 illegal gun sting gone awry, Wilson was sentenced to death, though his attorneys appealed, claiming he is mentally disabled.

In November, a hearing was held on that claim, and a decision is pending; it’s unclear if and how Nancy Gonzalez’s arrest will affect the motion.