Edward Furlong: JAILED For Violating Restraining Order

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Edward Furlong was thrown in jail today after allegedly violating a protective order that barred him from contacting his estranged wife, Rachael Kneeland.

Rachael Kneeland

It's unclear how or when Ed violated the order, but he was in court today after being accused of doing so, and a judge remanded him into custody.

The judge angrily accused him of not taking the stay-away order seriously and told him he belongs in a lockdown rehab facility for substance abuse.

Furlong was placed on three years probation back in 2010 when he pleaded no contest to violating a protective order that was obtained by Kneeland.

He was required to obey the order throughout his probation.

Clearly, he has had an extremely difficult time doing so.

Compounding the actor's legal problems right now: Furlong was arrested twice in the last four months for allegedly roughing up his current girlfriend.

A formal probation violation hearing is set for March 4.

He will remain behind bars until then.

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