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Fox News and the NRA butted heads over gun control this morning.

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre reiterated his organization’s claim  that all children deserve the same amount of protection that the President Obama’s daughters receive.

Host Chris Wallace responded, "That’s ridiculous and you know it, sir."

Chris Wallace-Wayne LaPierre Interview on Fox news

The interview got particularly heated when Wallace brought up the controversial NRA ad labeling Obama an elitist hypocrite for opposing armed security in schools.


"They also face a threat that most children do not face," Wallace said of Obama’s daughters, Malia and Sasha, who receive Secret Service protection.

"Tell that to the people in Newtown," LaPierre responded.

"You really think that the president’s children are the same kind of target as every other child in America?" Wallace said. "That’s ridiculous and you know it, sir."

LaPierre came out swinging at other points in the interview as well, even insinuating that the White House wants background checks as a way of tracking citizens.

"I think what they’ll do is they’ll turn this universal [background] check on the law-abiding into a universal registry on law-abiding people," he said.

Wallace said the White House hasn’t mentioned any universal registry.

"And ObamaCare wasn’t a tax until they needed it to be a tax,” LaPierre responded, referencing the 2010 health care law and 2012 Supreme Court ruling.

“I don’t think you can trust these people,” the NRA president added, apparently unmoved and not swayed by yesterday’s Obama gun photo release.

What do you think of the NRA’s infamous Obama ad:

What do you think of the push for more gun control?