Naomi Campbell: Mugged and Attacked in Paris!

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Often the one at the center of violent controversy - she has been accused of assaulting a cameraman and a limo driver - Naomi Campbell was sadly mugged and attacked last month in Paris.

A New York Post source confirms that men "knocked over and robbed" the model when she tried to hail a cab, resulting in a torn ligament for Campbell - as well as a sincerely scary experience.

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“It was terrifying," the insider tells the newspaper. "Naomi believes the assailant had been watching her, casing her out, and waited for a moment to strike when she was alone."

Immediately following the ugly incident, Campbell's boyfriend - billionaire Vladimir Doronin - flew her by private jet to Vail, Colordao. She was treated there by an orthopedic surgeon and currently uses a wheelchair and/or crutches to get around.

The French police are still investigating the matter and security has been increased around Campbell.

She is resting comfortably in Miami and will launch a new show titled "The Face" next month. We wish Naomi a full recovery.


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