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Jay Cutler probably never gets tired of staring at Kristin Cavallari’s chest, but from a functional perspective, the girl’s boobs need a break now and then.

That’s why she says she stopped breastfeeding son Camden.

The 26-year-old tells Hollywood Life that she and her NFL star fiance found a great goat milk formula that they’re going to start giving their little guy instead.

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“It’s hard,” the former star of The Hills and Laguna Beach said. “It was the hardest part of the whole thing and no one tells you that. I was a slave to pumping.”

“Now we are giving him a goat milk concoction that Jay found.”

Breastfeeding or not, Kristin Cavallari wants a bunch more kids:

“We both want a big family so I think sooner than later we will have another one. But it’s a little too soon, I just got my body back. I want to enjoy it!”

“I gained 25 pounds when I got pregnant but I’m a healthy eater … I worked out during my pregnancy and I was breast feeding, until a few weeks ago.”

Asked which co-star she would rather have babysit Camden, Heidi Montag, or Audrina Patridge, “None of them have … although I’m not opposed.”

Do you think Kristin should have kept breastfeeding?