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Did Kim Jong Un’s wife Ri Sol Ju give birth? Was she even pregnant?

As always, details are sketchy when you’re dealing with North Korea.

Ri Sol Ju, Kim Jong Un Wife

A seemingly pregnant belly sported by the wife of the rogue state’s baby-faced dictator in mid-December appeared to be gone by New Year’s Day.

That’s sent South Korean media into a frenzy of speculation.


Is there now a new baby waiting to rule the Kim dynasty?

We obviously have no idea, but the pregnancy rumors began swirling when a December 17 video showed Ri Sol Ju wearing a billowing black dress

One that covered what appeared to be a swollen belly.

The buzz swept Seoul and Pyongyang, although it was difficult to tell for sure from the images, and no one commented on it one way or the other.

Now, footage from a New Year’s concert shows Kim Jong Un with Ri Sol Ju wearing a tighter dress and looking slimmer, fueling reports that she may have given birth.

Has she? Does it matter? Only time will tell.