John Mayer on Katy Perry: I'm Very Happy!

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John Mayer gave an interview with Rolling Stone recently, and managed to avoid calling someone sexual napalm or discussing his love for ... self-love.

Way to go, John!

John Mayer, Eyes Closed
Katy Perry in Elle

Talking about his summer tour, recovering from throat surgery and his relationship with Katy Perry, Mayer says of life these days, "I mean, I'm quite happy."

"I'm happy in all aspects of my life. I'm very happy in all aspects of my life."

Could our boy be maturing at age 35, too?

He didn't say much else about his current love - a step in the right direction in itself - but did hint that he might be ready to settle down before too long.

Asked whether marriage is in his future, the star teased, "I want to live a very traditional life with a very untraditional day job. You know what I mean?"

Mayer also talked about mellowing with age and having to redefine himself after his recent health scare; he wasn't sure when he could sing again.

"I think 35's a great time," he says.

"You investigate yourself, you know there are things that aren't growing correctly, or serving you as you get older, and you break yourself down in a period of time."

"I had a couple years off, and you deconstruct yourself. It's very painful, and when you reconstruct yourself, you kind of have a fresh outlook on the next 20 years of your life."

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