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Understandably, Jodie Foster’s Golden Globes speech sparked discussion raised a lot of questions Sunday night. Three main points she sought to clarify:

  1. She’s NOT retiring from acting, despite strong allusions to doing so.
  2. She is extremely close with Mel Gibson and is not ashamed of this.
  3. The “coming out” portion of her speech is what it is.

In her wide-ranging speech, the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award winner, 50, acknowledged that she’s gay and seemed to hint at retirement.

However, on the latter topic, she told reporters a different story later.


“I could never stop acting. You’d have to drag me behind, like, a team of horses,” she said, noting that her broader point was “that people change.”

“Change is important. You know, hopefully I’ll be doing different things than I did when I was three years old and six years old and ten years old and 20 years old.”

“My work is evolving.”

As for the more personal aspects of the speech, in which Foster mentioned her former partner and explained she “came out a million years ago” in private?

“The speech kind of speaks for itself. It’s a long career, and not just a career; it’s friendships and relationships. I feel like I’m graduating from something,” she said.

“It’s a big moment, and I wanted to say, you know, what’s most in my heart.”

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The mother Charlie and Kit, her children with Cydney Bernard, added that she wasn’t worried about regretting her Golden Globes speech the day after.

“It’s an expression of who I am and what I’m thinking and feeling,” she said.

Foster also raised eyebrows when she not only acknowledged close friend Mel Gibson, but said he “saved her,” in her speech – as Mel looked on tearfully.

“I know Mel Gibson extremely well, and he’s somebody that I love and that I have worked with and that I respect, and it’s not difficult to say that,” she said.

“You know, it’s very easy to say that. The man that I know is a true and loyal friend; he is considerate, loving,” she said of the controversial actor.

As for her social commentary on celebrity and media culture – which manifested itself this summer when she defended Kristen Stewart – she added:

“I think it’s important that when people are struggling, that you not run away from them if you love them. Kristen, I mean, I look at the room tonight.”

“You know, Kristen Stewart and Claire Danes, Jennifer Lawrence, all these young women that I worked with who basically were child actors like I was.”

“I feel in many ways very protective of them, because even though I think I have managed to get through the process relatively sanely, I had my scars.”

“I hope to be in some ways a member of their family that’s protecting them.”