Jenny McCarthy's New Show: Bringing Sexy Back to Late Night?

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Jenny McCarthy is hoping to bring a sexy twist to late night.

Not Jenny McCarthy bikini photos sexy ... but sexy enough.

Jenny McCarthy Bikini Photo

The Jenny McCarthy Show, which premieres February 8 on VH1, marks the 40-year-old's first foray into the genre - one she hopes allows her to stand out.

Shouldn't be too hard - whether it's any good is the question.

"Not that Jay Leno is not sexy, but l feel like the template that I talked about is Playboy After Dark," she said. "I love that Hugh Hefner did [this kind of thing]."

"[It's a] sexy, after hours party, but he also had great conversations with guests. That was really my goal and that's our goal now as we do rehearsals."

"[We're trying to] incorporate that sexiness with having great conversations with celebrities."

Jenny has already tried a few segments in test runs, including some interesting interviews.

"I wanted to kind of put my own stamp on how I do celebrity interviews, so I've been doing a segment right now called 'Groundbreaking Interviews.'"

"I take the celebrity and we literally lay on the ground and we look up and we have the camera overhead and I interview them in a casual conversation," she said.

"And I've found by doing this, which I've tested - on Bradley Cooper - it works quite well."

"There's just something that [happens where] the celebrity kind of lets go and has a little bit more of a conversational tone. It's not so scripted."

As fans of Jenny know, she was in development for a daytime talk show, but she realized a good girl Jenny during business hours wasn't the most authentic Jenny.

"I am definitely more late night than daytime right now, at this point in my life," she said.

"I'm really excited that VH1 told me that they would allow me to be myself and let me continue kind of being that brand of being outrageous [and] outspoken, but fun."

"It felt at home, that's why we're gonna come and do late night."

Will you watch J-Mac's late night TV effort?

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