ESPN Analysts Sort of Diss Tim Tebow on Live TV

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Most of the sports world is focused on the Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, but Tim Tebow is always on somebody's mind.

Watch the video below as ESPN's Hannah Storm and Mark Schlereth talk about the beleaguered QB in what they think is a private conversation:

It would appear that Schlereth is talking about Tebow's future at another position (tight end) before sharing some doubts with Storm over his talent.

    Storm: The what?

    Schlereth: It's like a tight-end/h-back?

    Storm: Yeaaaah. Well that's interesting.

    Schlereth: But I'm telling you. I talked to a bunch of Broncos coaches who said 'I just don't know if he's a fluid enough athlete to play tight end' ... They say he doesn't catch the ball naturally either.

    Storm: Well if that's the case. Ohh. (hears producer in ear piece) OK, OK. Sure, sure.

    Producer: OK, standby guys.

Standby ... you've been live.

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