Brandi Glanville Marriage Tips: Girl-on-Girl Action Equals Hot Sex Afterward!

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Brandi Glanville holds nothing back as she dishes on her relationship with her ex-husband in her new book, Drinking & Tweeting and other Brandi Blunders.

In her juicy memoir, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills beauty recalls the LeAnn Rimes-Eddie Cibrian affair, and her reactions to it, in graphic detail.

She also discusses her sex life with Cibrian and how an “occasional lesbian make-out was one of the recipes for our seemingly successfully marriage.”

Brandi Glanville, Denise Richards Kissing

Writes Brandi Glanville: “Let’s be clear. Eddie and I had an extremely healthy sex life (so where he got all that extra energy, I’ll never be sure)."

"But every so often we would run away together so we could make love in the middle of the afternoon as loud as we wanted, for as long as we wanted."

"And he would kiss me the way he did when we had nothing but time.”

Brandi Glanville is also candid about her attraction to other women, although not “any below-the-belt action, just some harmless grab-assing and sexy making out.”

Brandi goes on to say: “I can definitely appreciate a pretty girl, so on occasion I would hook up with girlfriends, so that my husband could watch."

"Sometimes the girl had a boyfriend or husband, too, who also seemed to enjoy the show. It was harmless and Eddie seemed to appreciate it."

"Without fail, it would lead to some hot sex afterward. Like I said, I was just an average Hollywood housewife doing whatever I could to keep my husband happy.”

That does sound like your average day, doesn't it?

LeAnn, we hope you're taking detailed notes.

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