Beyonce on Lip-Synching Scandal: Can I Live?!?

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For the first time since the Beyonce lip-sync scandal broke, the singer at the center of this controversy has spoke out.

Sort of.

The artist - who pre-recorded her version of the national anthem for last week's Presidential Inauguration - Tweeted a photo of herself in a shirt with the words "Can I Live" on it yesterday. See for yourself:

Beyonce Twit Pic

Seemingly shrugging off the critics with this tagline, the phrase is a reference Jay-Z's song "Can I Liv?"

Multiple stars, from Jennifer Lopez to LeAnn Rimes, have already come out in defense of Beyonce. They say artists often lip-sync live and, hey, she was singing at least.

Did you lose respect for Beyonce as a result of this incident?


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