Ahmad Rashad and Sale Johnson to File for Divorce

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In what can only be described as the anti-Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries way of working out a split, sportscaster Ahmad Rashad and wife Sale Johnson are quietly negotiating terms of a divorce settlement, sources say, prior to filing the paperwork in the near future.

Insiders tell Gossip Extra that the couple, who wed in 2007, has been estranged for months.

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Johnson is the ex-wife of New York Jets owners Woody Johnson and reportedly received over $100 million from that pair's divorce many years ago.

She and Rashad made news in 2010 after Johnson's daughter, Casey Johnson, passed away from diabetes complications and left her adopted daughter to be raised by Ahmad and Sale.

The reasons for this divorce are unclear, but insiders say Johnson has grown "weary" of Rashad's close friendship with Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. We could understand that.

Especially if Tiger had been bringing any of his waitressing friends by.