The X Factor Recap: Top 6 Go Unplugged

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The X Factor Top 6 performed two songs apiece on last night's episode, one unplugged performance and one track chosen by America. How did they do?

By and large, the unplugged efforts were pretty decent, America's choices left something to be desired, and Khloe Kardashian really needs to be fired.

Let's break down the performers, from top to bottom ...

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar - "As Long as You Love Me" (Unplugged) and "If I Were a Boy" (America's Choice)

Carly Rose was spot-on throughout her unplugged performance, and probably delivered the best version of America's picks as well, paying homage to Beyonce.

2. Emblem3 - "Just the Way You Are" (Unplugged) and "Forever Young" (America's Choice)

The guys still have some pitch issues, but at least they're different - for a show like this anyway - and energetic and they brought it again with a pair of strong efforts.

3. Tate Stevens - "Living On a Prayer" (Unplugged) and "If Tomorrow Never Comes" (America's Choice)

Tate skipping out on the high note in the chorus sort of hampered his first performance; his Garth Brooks cover also wasn't great; perfectly fine, just unexceptional. Still, not bad.

4. CeCe Frey - "Edge of Glory" (Unplugged) and "Part of Me" (America's Choice)

CeCe showed she has a great voice with "Edge of Glory," even if it still needs work. Sadly, the "Part of Me" background track completely diverged from and overpowered her.

5. Fifth Harmony - "Set Fire to the Rain" (Unplugged) and "Give Your Heart a Break" (America's Choice)

They struggled to harmonize unplugged, plain and simple. While covering Demi Lovato's hit, they did sing in harmony and sound more like a group, so that's good.

The bad news is that it still might not be good enough to advance.

6. Diamond White - "It's a Man's World" (Unplugged) and "Diamonds" (America's Choice)

Sorry to say, but Diamond's age (13) really shone through here, and not in a good way. As for America's choice, OMG, they picked a song with her name in it!

That's about it. Might be the end of the road for Ms. White tonight.

With only four spots in the semifinals, it's anyone's game ... okay, probably not anyone's. Carly Rose Sonenclar looks pretty safe. Everyone else might be sweating.

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