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In a pair of recent Tweets, Miley Cyrus made two things clear:

  1. She is not a slut.
  2. She has no beef with Taylor Swift.

The singer made this announcement after acknowledging a Tweet from E!’s Ken Baker over the weekend, in which the reporter compared Miley’s love life with Swift’s dating history and implied Taylor gets around A LOT more.

Miley and Cody Selfie

Because Cyrus re-Tweeted Baker’s post, it was easy to imply she was called Swift out.

But Miley says she was simply defending her own reputation, writing of Baker:


“People are idiots and call me a slut when I am engaged at 20 [because] I’m madly in love with one man. Just happy someone admitted it.”

As for dragging Swift’s love life into the fray?

“There is no tweet heat!” Cyrus insisted. “Don’t go trying to make this look like I started any kinda drama.”

Okay, fair enough.

In other Miley news: have you seen her crotch-grabbing impression of Billy Idol?!?