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Count Matt Lauer among those who cannot wait to see the calendar flip to 2013.

Over the past few months, Lauer has been blamed for both the ousting of Ann Curry and The Today Show‘s floundering ratings.

Sources even say we may see Matt Lauer fired soon if more viewers don’t tune in to NBC on weekday mornings.

With this pressure hanging over him, network insiders tell TMZ Lauer is “miserable” and is facing constant taunting on the streets, as Today fans refer to him as a “bad guy” and throw Curry’s poorly handled departure in his face.


Lauer feels “abused,” according to the source, who adds of the harassment: “It’s driving him crazy. He’s so unhappy.”

Lauer also denies any involvement in Curry’s firing, but many continues to insist he only signed a new $25 million contract this year because he was told Curry would be a goner.

Still, don’t look for Lauer to be going anywhere any time soon.

With many believing potential replacement Willie Geist isn’t ready for the job, NBC has no replacement for one of their most recognizable employees.

Do you hope that changes in the near future, however? Sound off now: Should The Today Show fire Matt Lauer?