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The quarterback for the University of Alabama and Miss Alabama 2012 are dating.

Makes perfect sense, right? Not if you delve deeper.

From Samantha Steele to Katherine Webb, chick dig the long ball.

Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron Photo

A.J. McCarron – who will be under center when the Crimson Tide takes on Notre Dame for the BCS title on January 7 – has gone public with Katherine Webb, a beauty pageant winner who also graduated from Auburn in May 2011.



Webb Tweeted the above photo of the couple, while also telling followers that she would be a guest of McCarron’s family at the upcoming championship game.

So, for A.J.’s sake, it’s at least clear who wears the pants in this relationship.

Just consider the following recent Tweet from Webb: “Fine…ill say it. #RollTide.”

The man who received this Christmas gift feels the same way.