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Cynthia Jorge is not the new Tom Cruise girlfriend.

But the 26-year old restaurant manager would have considered going on more dates with the actor, a friend tells The New York Daily News, if not for the media maelstrom that has taken over her life.

“She is freaked out, just so freaked out right now. She wasn’t looking for all this attention,” the insider tells the newspaper, adding that Jorge has no idea how In Touch Weekly discovered she had drinks with Cruise:

Tom Cruise in 2015
Photo via Getty Images

“She’s really upset. She says she did not leak the story and she’s confused about how it came out.”


Jorge recently dated a writer, with whom she split this summer, and also enjoyed a past fling with Seann William Scott of American Pie fame.

What else can the pal reveal about Cynthia Jorge?

“She’s really sweet, bubbly, fun to be around; she’s intelligent. She’s in this job of hospitality and entertaining and she wasn’t always the hot girl. She lost weight and then she became the hot girl.”