Waffle House Sex Scandal: CEO Accused of Degrading Assistant, Forcing "Services"

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A former personal assistant of Waffle House CEO Joseph Rogers Jr. is accusing him of forcing her to "perform sexual services," among other degrading acts.

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Police blacked out the woman's name, but gave a graphic account of her accusation, based on an interview that she gave Atlanta police September 28.

Atlanta police would not say if they have verified the woman's claims. Sgt. Gregory Lyon said, "I can tell you that this is an open and ongoing investigation."

His accuser told police that, starting in 2003, she had worked out of Rogers' house as his assistant handling personal and work-related items.

Within months of her hiring, the woman said Rogers:

"On numerous occasions (tried) to force himself upon (her), attempted to have her perform oral sex on him (and) attempted to have sex with (her)."

She refused, but in 2003 and subsequent years, "Rogers required (his assistant) as a condition of her employment to masturbate him," the report said.

The police describe other allegations of Rogers' sexually inappropriate acts: making her buy porn, frequently appearing naked and touching her breasts.

The accuser "was forced to endure harassment and demeaning treatment by Rogers because she was a single mother and needed her job to support herself and her son."

On June 29, after the accuser's son graduated high school and earned a scholarship to college, she put her resignation letter in Rogers' sock drawer.

That was "in an effort to spare Rogers' wife from pain and humiliation," she said.

It was not clear why the accuser took so long after she had left her job to contact police, but as of right now, no charges have been filed in the case.

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