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The Real Housewives of Atlanta claim they “Got Sexy Back” but I’m not sure that goes for everyone.

We recap who’s moving up, who’s moving out, and who can’t handle the crack in THG’s +/- review …

NeNe’s definitely riding a high. She’s on the new sitcom The New Normal and considering a move to LA. Plus 25. It’s nice to see her happy for once. 

Real Housewives of Atlanta

The girl is dining with famous producers and laughing about Tyler Perry changing his number and not telling her while turning down caviar.  Life couldn’t get much better for Ms. NeNe.

Or could it?  Gregg’s still hanging around and he wants back.  He wants a key to her house. He wants a second chance and he claims he’s willing to work for it. 


Minus 10. I’m not so sure. Fifteen years of history is nothing to sneeze at but maybe it’s time NeNe moved on.  I’d be shocked if they got back together and weren’t miserable once again a year later.

NeNe’s not the only one looking happy.  Kandi and TV producer/boyfriend Todd are moving in together.  They bought a house…in cash and that’s nothing to look down your nose at these days.  Plus 22.

Kandi’s glowing as she’s considering marriage and expanding her family.  Then Kim comes to visit.

Kim calls Kandi’s new neighborhood “the hood” and says she locks her car doors when she gets off the highway.  If that house is in the hood, I’m moving in. 

Kandi got the house in foreclosure but it’s huge and basically two houses in one. An indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi and an enormous amount of space more than makes up for the decorating she’ll have to do.  Plus 15.

Of course Kim never met a dollar she could spend and only sees the downside of moving into to a home that isn’t 100% finished to her liking.  Well, she might want to become more flexible…quick.

When Kim and Kroy turned down the asking price on the house they’re living in they’re told to move out at the end of the lease.  In two weeks!  Minus 12.  Seriously these two are in way over their heads.

There isn’t a thing packed and they don’t know where they’re going.  And the movers are quoting them $101,000 to pack, move, and store everything for 120 days.  Of course we are talking about a 17,000 square foot home.

Kandi says she’ll come move her personally for $101,000.  Plus 20.  I’ll come help and we can split it.

Of course Kim is pregnant once again and KJ’s just turning a year old.  Kroy and Kim are like rabbits.  They work quick.

I can’t believe Sweetie’s still around.  Kim fired her last season only to hire her back.  Minus 9. Kim must enjoy paying people to do nothing.

Phaedra’s still working on her mortuary business and wants to expand into pet funerals.  She says she’ll deal with anything that can be buried.

But can someone get her to stop calling Ayden her little prince.  Minus 10.  It’s just setting him up to be a spoiled brat before he’s two year old.

Cyndi and Peter still bicker like they always have but this time ex Leon got in the mix. Of course it was about his daughter. 

Cyndi pulled Noelle out of school because she wasn’t flourishing and looked unhappy.  She’s adamant that she knows her daughter and this is best…until Noelle walks in and says she never wanted to be home schooled.  So much for being the in touch parent. Minus 8.

The Bailey Agency is hosting a casting call for JET magazine’s beauty of the week and Cyndi invites new Housewife Kenya to be a judge. Kenya’s a former Miss USA and has modeled for JET.  Who would have thought this could end up as such a disaster?

Everyone shows up in their teeny bikinis and Kenya’s offended.  She can’t stand to see anyone’s booty or coochie crack and won’t stop talking about it.  Minus 11.

Kenya seems to embrace her mean girl / diva role.  She even has her own security throw out one of Cyndi’s employees.

And minus 8 because he shouldn’t have called her a b*tch…even if she was being one at the time.

Looking at those SMOOTH magazine covers Kenya did, it looks like she had plenty of her own booty falling out of that swimsuit. 

The lines are definitely drawn between these two Housewives divas.  Who do you think will win?