Neighbor From Hell: Mitchell Igelko Arrested For Egging, Stalking Neighbors

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An alleged reign of terror by a man described as the "neighbor from hell" is over, for now, after Mitchell Igelko was arrested on counts of criminal mischief and stalking.

The disgruntled Miami-Dade County, Fla., man has been accused of harassing his neighbors, throwing nails on their driveways and eggs at their homes.

Igelko allegedly caused property and psychological damage, according to residents.

"He's an angry guy and he tries to intimidate you," Bob Derhagopian said.

Late last week, Igelko was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and stalking in separate incidents. Police are currently investigating other incidents as well.

Neighbors allege this one-man reign of terror started in 2008 when Igelko, a landscaper, started feuding with Derhagopian after they hired another company.

"I was getting a flat tireā€¦ Not only myself, but everybody in the neighborhood was getting flat tires," neighbor Francisco Torres said, and it didn't end there.

Neighbors set up surveillance cameras to catch the perpetrator, and saw an unidentified man throwing a rock through a car window and eggs at a home.

Another camera caught someone sprinkling nails on driveways and lawns, causing flat tires. Residents claim that Igelko hired others to do his dirty work as well.

He also allegedly doused someone's lawn in gasoline, ruining it.

"Nobody should have to live like this," Derhagopian said.

Igelko's lawyer, Daniel Espinosa, says this is nothing more than an ongoing neighborhood dispute and Igelko himself has been victimized by vandals.

"To suggest my client would vandalize his own home, burn his own grass, throw eggs at his own car is absolutely preposterous," Espinosa said.