Mila Kunis Offended by Republican Stance on Women, Religion

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Mila Kunis is a lot more than a gorgeous face and ridiculously attractive body.

The newly-crowned Sexiest Woman Alive doesn't simply pose for one of the most seductive magazine spreads in recent memory in the latest issue of Esquire, she touches on a few political issues.

Gorgeous Mila Kunis

"The way that Republicans attack women is so offensive to me," Kunis says. "And the way they talk about religion is offensive.

"I may not be a practicing Jew, but why we gotta talk about Jesus all the time? And it's baffling to me how a poor person in Georgia can say, 'I'm a Republican.' Why?"

Many critics, of course, believe that celebrities should steer clear of politics. But Kunis says she isn't speaking her mind from the point of view of anyone famous.

She's simply a "working actress" with an opinion.

Other familiar names that have delved into the 2012 election include anti-Mitt Romney Mark Hamill and outspoken Republican Stacey Dash.

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