Jef Holm Denies Family Polygamy Claims

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Jef Holm, winner of The Bachelorette, denies that his family is affiliated with polygamy, as a recent tabloid report implied (this guy is being put through it all).

Jef Holm With One F

According to Emily Maynard's fiance, this latest rumor went too far:

"Now they're going after my family? My family DOES NOT, and HAS NEVER had any affiliation with polygamy. Ever. Mormons = 1�� & 1��. �� = ��."

(The squares are male/female emoticons tweeted from a phone).

Holm's reaction was prompted by celeb gossip mag In Touch and its claims he has aunts and uncles who are members of a fundamentalist sect of Mormonism.

One that still practices polygamy. In Touch said Jef's grandfather had 11 wives, and that Holm's dad, Monte, has left the polygamy-tolerating wing of the church.

Monte Holm is reportedly one of 15 kids from the same mom - and one of 64 brothers and sisters overall - per the magazine's article, which Jef unequivocally denies.

As if reports that your fiancee is paying you to stay with her (and banging Matt Leinart) isn't hard enough to deal with. Give them credit for riding all this out.

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