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Once again, we have an update on the condition and circumstances surrounding Johnny Lewis at the time of his death.

As previously reported, the actor (best known for his recent work as Half-Sack on Sons of Anarchy) was found dead in the driveway of a home in which he used to reside, his ex-81-year old landlady murdered inside the residence, along with her cat.

Police say they have no reason to believe anyone other than Lewis is responsible for the woman and animal’s murder.


Lewis had been released from prison just six days prior to the incident and now new information regarding his life include:

  • A tie to the Church of Scientology. Johnny’s father, Michael Lewis, actually achieved one of the highest levels in the religion andl co-wrote a movie with L. Ron Hubbard about the latter’s “discovery” of Dianetics. A Church insider, however, says had been active in its drug program, Narconon, but not for many years.
  • A gruesome act. Authorities state that Lewis dismembered the cat with his bare hands, simply “tearing it apart” in a wild, drug-induced state.
  • A custody battle. Lewis had a young daughter and was involved in a custody battle with her mother, who he never married.

With Katy Perry, who dated Lewis many years ago, reportedly in mourning, former OC costar Nikki Reed talked to E! News about the tragedy and said:

“It’s horrible and shocking news… I have nothing to say except that he was a really nice guy. It’s just crazy.”