Daniel Radcliffe Parties with Irish Soccer Champions

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He may have defeated Voldemort, but Daniel Radcliffe had real cause to celebrate on Sunday night.

Walking back to his hotel alone after a night of shooting The F Word, the actor bumped in to members of the Dublin Minors around 3 a.m., following their victory in the All-Ireland football championship.

One thing led to another... and Radcliffe ended up looking like this at a party for the team at a friend's home in Dundrum:

Daniel Radcliffe Parties!

Explained defender Conor Mulally in a radio interview:

"We thought he was a fan from England who had come over for the game. He was small enough and wearing a cap for a disguise, so we just didn't recognize him at first. Then it suddenly hit us who it was - Daniel Radcliffe was standing beside us. We kept talking for ages and he asked for the Irish experience.

"He was stone cold sober, being an absolute gent about it."

Listen to Mulally explain more about the random, funny meeting in the following video:

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