Amy Schumer Dumps Dolph Ziggler Because Sex Was "Too Athletic"

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Comedian Amy Schumer broke up with WWE star Dolph Ziggler because sex with him was just "too athletic," she admitted on the Howard Stern Show.

She claims he was throwing her around like they were wrestling.

Maybe Ziggler (real name Nick Nemeth) views his time in the sack as a chance to work on professional moves? Who's to say, people. Who's to say.

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Clearly whatever he was doing in there was too much for Amy Schumer to handle, though she says she feels bad for dumping the heavyweight champ.

She admitted that she still likes Dolph Ziggler, and that she learned he was a "sweetheart" and a good sport upon texting him to break up ... seriously.

Cautionary note for you ladies: If you are ready, willing and physically able to date a jacked up wrestler with bleach-blonde hair, he is back on the market.


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