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Sherman Hemsley, the lovable former star of The Jeffersons, passed away at the age of 74 today.

And in response a number of celebrities have Tweeted their condolence and sent their sympathies…

Russell Simmons: “RIP Sherman Hemsley aka George Jefferson. rest peacefully in the de-luxe apartment in the sky…”

Mariah Carey's World

Nicki Minaj: “Wow. Sending LOVE”

Alyssa Milano: “Rest in Peace (in a delux apartment in the sky), Sherman Hemsley.”

Holly Robinson Peete: “Sherman Helmsley was a pioneer in TV-feel blessed to have known and worked with him… Well Done. Rest With Angels Sherman …”

Terrell Owens: RIP Sherman Hemsley!! I grew up watching the Jeffersons as many of us did & he along w/that cast will be one to be remembered. #RIPGeorge”

Josh Duhamel: “RIP Sherman Hemsley. #MovinOnUp to heaven now.”

KevinSmith: “G’bye, Sherman Hemsley. Your George Jefferson was so beloved, it earned you your own successful sitcom! Huge bucket of win! Move on up, sir.”

Jeffrey Ross: “Sherman Helmsley moved on up. Roast in peace, funny man.”