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Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole Cortese won’t face criminal charges for disorderly conduct following her arrest for acting like a drunk jackass in the middle of the day last month, however the hot mess will be forced to pay a fine.

For failing to use the sidewalk.

Deena was briefly jailed in Seaside Heights, N.J., for dancing in the streets and “slapping cars” … seriously. Her parents sprung her later that day.


A disorderly conduct charge was dropped today in court, but Deena must pay a fine after pleading guilty to what is known as a “Title 39” instead.

That would be failure to use the sidewalk and instead walking in the middle of the street, which is technically a crime but hardly ever enforced.

She apologized for “causing any trouble,” paid $139 and was let go, free to help Snooki push beer in a stroller until her guidette heart’s content.