Jon Gosselin: Behind on Child Support?

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Jon Gosselin has fallen behind on his child support payments to his ex-wife Kate Gosselin again, according to a tabloid report, to the tune of $3,557.06.

That's far less than the amount Levi Johnston is accused of owing for just one child, but it's enough to mean legal consequences for Jon just the same.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality star has eight kids he is required to support by law, and the Pennsylvania Dept. of Child Welfare is calling him out.

Gosselin Style

Kate Gosselin seemed blindsided by the fact that Jon was going to go back to court for non-payment of child support after a Twitter follower alerted her.

“I don't know if he's going to court but wouldn't surprise me.... How do you know this stuff?!?” she wrote but quickly stopped engaging the follower:

“Woah....I'm not allowed to talk about orders from the court.…"

Probably smart. Since TLC canned their show, Kate has been working as a blogger for CouponCabin (dot) com while Jon has been working construction.

Their contentious relationship often involves slamming each other on Twitter, but if Jon really does owe back child support, a real battle could erupt.

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