Prince Harry Earns Military Air Combat Award

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He's not just a pretty face. Prince Harry was given an award for "best copilot gunner" Wednesday as he completed his intense training in Apache helicopters.

Harry, 27, was named "best front-seat pilot" - the officer who takes control of the mission and its weapons systems and sights - among his 20 fellow pilots.

He was given a polished 30mm round from an Apache cannon mounted on a stand as his trophy. More importantly, he attained limited combat-ready status.

Prince Harry, Military Training

A captain in the Army Air Corps, Harry will be assigned to 662 Squadron, 3 Regiment Army Air Corps within 16 Air Assault Brigade to gain more experience.

Part of his 18 months' training was carried out in California and Arizona, where he had to learn to handle the aircraft in mountainous and desert conditions.

He also took part in live firing training. Colonel Neale Moss, Commander of the Attack Helicopter Force at RAF Wattisham, where Harry was based, said:

"The Apache course is extremely challenging, teaching and testing students in their flying skills, decision-making and mental agility on exercises all over the country and abroad. This requires composure, dedication and hard work."

Early next month, Harry will be venturing to the Caribbean and Brazil as he undertakes his first royal tour on behalf of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.