Claire Sinclair and Marston Hefner: It's Over!

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Playboy Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair finds it necessary to be candid and open up about her recent alleged attack from boyfriend Marston Hefner ... a lot.

Sinclair opened up about the whole dispute to E! News today, having already spoken to the network about it at length regarding Sunday night's altercation.

She says she's just trying raise awareness of domestic abuse and to help others, but you get the sense she's also trying to raise awareness of ... Claire Sinclair.

In any case, they broke up apparently.

Claire Sinclair, Marston Hefner

In any case, she describes Marston Hefner's assault on her as such:

"We had just freshly moved into the apartment, and I know Marston was a little stressed out about it, and Marston has been unstable throughout the whole course of our relationship… and we got into an argument about something really silly."

"It escalated and it became violent. Initially, he kicked me and I went backwards, I fell. Then he punched me and grabbed me up, and I scratched him to defend myself."

"It was very shocking," Sinclair said, showing off a bruise on her arm.

As for Marston's dad, Hugh Hefner, and Playboy Enterprises, the 2011 Playmate of the Year claims neither have reached out to her after all this occurred.

"Nobody, no support at all. Nobody's empathetic or concerned. It's more like, cover it up and protect the image, you know what I'm saying?"

"In one aspect, I'm ridiculously offended by the way things are being handled, on the other aspect, I understand. It's family."

"And they're looking out for their name, and I understand that but they need to at least, recognize what has happened and apologize for what has happened."

The 20-year-old Claire Sinclair also shared that this isn't the first domestic dispute in their two-year relationship and is currently no longer with Marston.

Marston Hefner has not responded to requests for for comment.

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