Teen Mom 2 Recap: Leah Messer Gets Good News; Adam Lind & Kieffer Delp Wreak Havoc!

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This week on Teen Mom 2, we got a bit of good news.

Very good news, in fact. Baby Ali is going to be alright. Her brain is fine, following weeks of worrying and a health scare that put everything into perspective.

If only the good news continued from there. Alas, Teen Mom 2 bad boys Adam Lind and Kieffer Delp continued to make their girls' lives a living hell at times.

Find out why in THG's +/- recap below!

Poor Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska is in bed, complaining on the phone to her father because Adam has abandoned her and taken baby Aubree with him. Dude, you took him back. Minus 5.

"That's your Prince Charming," her father explains. "That's the way he's always been, and you need to decide whether you're OK with that." To say the least. Plus 5.

Adam texts "I am keeping Aubree. Shut up." Could be worse. Wash.

Sympathizing with Adam isn't always the easiest thing to pull off, but at times we do. Not when he's calling Chelsea awful names certainly, but when he does try. Plus 2.

He's not all bad, always, but with Chelsea's neediness he is made to seem like it. Plus only 4, because as we said, the guy has issues. But Chelsea, get it together girl.

Minus 3 for her dad talking tough but still enabling her, too.

Kailyn's friend Stephanie asks, as if reading cue cards: "So are you and Jordan having sex?" "So are you having unprotected sex?" Totally natural questions. Minus 8.

Give MTV credit for the obvious PSA on birth control and discussions about sex with your partner, though, because at least they scripted something useful. Plus 10.

Kailyn gets a Mirena IUD, protecting her for five years. Very proactive. Plus 7.

Minus only 4 for Jordan's annoyed, confused, awkward response. He could try a little harder to seem less uncomfortable, but there is a camera crew in his grill.

Later on, Jordan apologizes and does the impossible as he makes Kailyn smile and laugh. Plus 20. You never know, this one could be a keeper, Kails!

Corey and Leah Picture

The results of Leah and Corey's baby daughter Ali's brain MRI are revealed: "Her brain is fine," the pediatrician tells her worried parents. PHEW. Plus 50, but ...

One, but not both of Ali's optic nerves is indeed small, and will likely affect her sight in that eye. But her brain is fine, and you can't fix that. So again, phew!

Corey says later, "She was made for glasses." Too true. Pink ones! Plus 10.

Jenelle Evans fails one of her college classes? There's a shocker! Minus 14.

For her daughter's 19th birthday Barbara gets her a tire-changing kit and jumper cables. Hey, when you've lived in a car, what could be more practical? Plus 40.

Sadly, nothing about J is practical. She's a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, and you'd best not be the guy (or girl) who gets in the way ... Minus 10.

Alas, Barbara will eventually learn that Jenelle is not being "truthful and honest" with her about her relationship with Kieffer, who she is not avoiding. Minus 15.

She herself drives him to the police station to answer her charges of domestic violence. Definitely the way to smooth things over. These two are toxic. Minus 20.

Jenelle: "I'm just happy this is my last year of being a teenager, just because, like, when you're in your teens like no one really takes you seriously." So when you turn 20, it's all gonna turn around? Kieffer is already 20, BT-Dubs. Minus 10.

At least he cut his hair. Plus 5.


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