Snow White and the Huntsman Posters: Revealed!

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Kristen Stewart is already the center of the film universe with Breaking Dawn premiering this weekend, but Snow White and the Huntsman, with the Twilight star as the title character, is shaping up to be an epic film event in an own right.

Three new posters have debuted, featuring Stewart as the fairest (and the fiercest) of them all, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, the famed Huntsman, and the incredible Charlize Theron as the evilest of Evil Queens. Click to enlarge each below:

Kristen Stewart as Snow White Poster
Chris Hemsworth Poster
Charlize Theron as the Queen

This is not to be confused with the other Snow White film due out next year starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins (see the more family friendly Mirror, Mirror trailer). Huntsman promises to bring the action, mystery and suspense.

Check out the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman below ...

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