Bristol Palin Reality Show: Scrapped By Bio Channel!

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Darn? Bristol Palin's upcoming reality show for the BIO channel is no longer upcoming. It's been scrapped, according to reports, leaving Bristol without a job. Oh well.

No official reason has been given as to why Bio axed the project, but if we had to guess, it could be because WHO WOULD WATCH A BRISTOL PALIN REALITY SHOW?

It's unclear if she's still dating Kyle Massey, but Bristol needs to find something new to do besides hilariously tell teens that they should really remain abstinent.

So what's next for the Sarah Palin spawn? Beauty school. No, really.

Janson Moore

Sources reveal that Bristol Palin is looking into some beauty programs, as her new life goal is to be a Hollywood hair and makeup guru. A "friend" reveals:

“She plans to find a school near her home in Arizona so she can get away from the Alaska winter. After graduating, she'll look for jobs in the movie industry."

"Bristol’s realizing that her bout of fame and big-money job offers is dwindling since her mother isn’t in the spotlight as much, so she needs a backup plan."

"Right now she has money from Dancing With the Stars to live off of while going to school. Then she’ll try her luck in L.A. again, this time behind the scenes.”

Hard to blame her for that, actually, if it's true. So many people would try to milk their 15 minutes long past relevancy. Good for her for thinking of a Plan B.

We just hope Levi Johnston tries to enroll in the same classes to mess with her.

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