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That wedding Tara Reid just wouldn’t shut up about this summer – because she’s Tara Reid and no one would cover it if she didn’t – apparently wasn’t even REAL.

Tara Reid got married in August on the Greek aisles, hilariously Tweeting that her man’s name was Zach Kehayov after we reported she wed her previous fiance.

Encountered by TMZ at the airport yesterday, and asked innocently if she and Zach could win the Newlywed Game … the truth about the nuptials came out.

Tara Reid's Bikini Pic

First off, her slurred response is amazing – she seems to be on something in the middle of the day – but then confessed she was “never really married.”

Tara and Zack Kehayov had a surprise wedding in the Greek Isles in August, but she says she and Zack never made it a legal union here in the U.S.A.

Do they plan to? Who the heck knows. But they are not man and wife … although if they become so, she has something else to Tweet about endlessly.

On a side note, Reid can actually be seen in a movie soon (see American Reunion trailer). It’s the first time since … who the heck even knows anymore.