Situation Sues Over GTL Trademark Infringement

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Gym, tan, lawsuit?

It's another ugly legal situation for Mike Sorrentino. This time, the Jersey Shore star wants to make sure his GTL trademark is intact, which means suing a random ass guido-themed lifestyle company for ripping off The Situation's brand.

The lawsuit has been filed ... but does it have merit?

Neck Brace and Sunglasses

Don't cry, Mike ... it's gonna be alright dawg.

Sitch's cease and desist letter to a website called MyGTLFuel (dot) com claims they'd better quit exploiting his trademark or legal action will be a-comin'.

The site, which sells everything from energy shots to tanning lotion, hasn't gone anywhere yet, as its owner, Dana Valentino, says there's no trademark.

According to Valentino, Sitch applied for the "GTL" trademark, but doesn't legally own it ... yet. He wants to settle this amicably but NOT close up shop.

Mike is also involved in a legal dispute with Abercrombie.

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