Sister Wives Speak Out: We Are Not a Cult!

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Kody Brown and his four wives are no strangers to being under the gun.

Often forced to defend their controversial religious beliefs, the stars of TLC's Sister Wives have been called everything from a harem to a cult in recent months.

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It's part of what caused them to relocate to Nevada, where their lifestyle (apparently) will be subjected to less scrutiny. Still, they want to set the record straight.

They were questioned recently by an Episcopal minister who asked if they shared the same beliefs as other Fundamentalist Mormons who live on compounds.

“That is absolutely not part of our faith,” Kody Brown says, as part of a scene that will air this Sunday night on an all-new episode of the TLC reality show.

“It comes from a desire to have community and it is because you’re different. Most Fundamentalist Mormons are vastly different; they have very different beliefs."

“They believe in arranged marriages,” he says, adding that in their family, Brown and his quartet of spouses do not believe in arranged marriages, “Not at all.”

Kody’s wife Christine said, “It was refreshing to have someone be open about our beliefs because so many people in so many religions consider us a cult.”

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