Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: Kut the Kameras!

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Kris Humphries allegedly wants to yell KUT!

Insiders tell Life & Style - who latest issues screams that Kris and Kim Kardashian are headed for a split - that the power forward "wants out of filming" every waking moment of his existence.

"They've had no time without a camera. He knows he signed up for this, but I think it's weighed on him," the source claims.

Kris and Kim on Ellen

And Humphries is stuck with Kim and her kamera krew more than he previously believed would happen, considering his employer (the NBA) has canceled the first four weeks of its regular season as the result of a labor dispute.

Humphries makes $20,000 per episode, the tabloid says, and recently threatened his wife with the warning: "I'll only be your little TV husband for a few more weeks."

This, of course, confused Kim to no end: she doesn't understand the difference between TV and real life.


The whole Kardashian show is a script. Its already written out. Everyone knows it. So you are slamming Kris Humphries for a freaking script.


Kris, I'm surprised you married her! Even if you didn't know her, your teammates did! You knew what you were getting yourself into all the cameras...lights, paparazzi. I'm not a hater, but Kim is a "limelight" whore and will always be one! I hope you learned from this.


I may not agree with everyone comment, but can u say "HATers" if u don't like them don't watch or read. I find them entertaining and they keep me laughing and laughing is good for the soul..


Money is the root of all evil! I am much happier with my private life with no big house and no fancy cars and nobody knowing me and I'll take that any day over what the "K"s have. They don't know what real happiness is, too busy making money and being seen! They will never have a "real" life!


WHO CARES!!! She sits in the audience while her brother dances and uses innocent Justin Bieber to get her brother votes! CHEATER!!! And that's wrong to use an honest Christian, sweet, young guy to your advantage! The whole family needs Jesus, all they care about are themselves at the expense of others and they are nothing but rude with no manners. They don't have to act for their reality show, they act like rich, spoiled, white trash! The girl made a porn video on purpose and then whines about it! Put somebody else on the magazines! Sick of all of them! The only one I like is Lamar and Scott and at least Kourtney has some taste! Bruce Jenner what were you thinking!

Maryanne gaeta

This dude totally reminds me of Frankenstein, and she does look like an old hoe.... the whole entire family is just sickening....every where you turn, you have to see there faces, and now that big mouthed fat loving ......has to comment on obnoxious can you get.... they have no pride in their heritage either.... without saying why, i'm sure people can figure that statement out............nuf said.........


What a perfect couple. An unemployed NBA Player marries a woman who couldn't boil water. Well at least he's half black! That should please her. Makes you wonder if MaMa Dash will pimp the Twins out also! I've one tip for Kris- Take off those 7 inch Heels - add length to the Dress- your like a 110 years old for Christ sakes- you look like an old Ho! Or just another Cali girl I suppose.


All publicity supplied by Kardashians and we're falling for it and making them still more money.


Hmm..this is from Life And Style, the same people who claimed they were heading for seperation and they (kim and Kris) already denied those rumors. So yeah.. This is probably a lie as well. Why would he want to have the cameras *Kut? Umm I mean his entire wedding was filmed for TV! He knew cameras would be everywhere that Kim is around. I'm sure he was also very aware of the fact that a certain camera was what got her famous in the first place. :/
So I doubt kris is saying this. But that's just my opinion.


he is like a big ape

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