Lindsay Lohan Theft Video Sparks Legal War

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Apparently the photo of Lindsay Lohan having her chest clutched by Spencer Falls isn't the most controversial image of the actress this weekend.

The owners of the jewelry store where Lohan stole that necklace are at war with a guy who was trying to hawk the surveillance tape of it.

A lawsuit appears imminent, according to TMZ.

Geoff and Sofia Kaman, owners of the infamous Kamofie & Company jewelry store, hired a broker, Christopher Spencer, to shop the surveillance tape.

Spencer reached a deal with the AP, which agreed to sell the tape of Lindsay Lohan committing the moderate-to-major necklace heist to media outlets.

The AP was to give Spencer a cut of the profits, which he would in turn share with the Kamans. But the Kamans believed he was stiffing them.

They sent an email to the Associated Press, inquiring about the payments to Spencer, who became livid and fired off a cease and desist letter.

"You do not have any legal right to contact the AP and suggest I've been ripping you off which is what you've done," the tape's broker wrote.

Spencer continues going off on them, "I am in disbelief that, after achieving so much in your benefit, you'd be reaching out to someone and suggest that my company or I are not paying you money that's owed to you."

Spencer threatens if the Kamans don't back off, he'll sue. The Kamans had no comment, but frankly, they deserve what they get for trying to play the victim with the police, then cash in on Lindsay in the first place.

Lohan went on to plead no contest to the charge, which was knocked down to a misdemeanor. She was placed on probation and house arrest.

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