Jury: Casey Anthony Behavior, Partying "Heinous" and "Disgusting" ... But Not Evidence

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Jurors in the Casey Anthony case were "disgusted" by her behavior, and "sick" over the decision to find her not guilty, but still felt they did the right thing.

The foreman said that her shady behavior and evidence of whether or not she murdered Caylee are two different things, and the former didn't matter.

"We were asked ... to convict on cause of death," the foreman, juror No. 11, said on Fox News. "That's something that, although it is disgusting, it is heinous, we weren't really able to take into consideration with the verdict."

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The jury foreman, who asked that his name not be used due to possible death threats, said the jury deliberated by considering the physical evidence.

One Casey Anthony video deemed too inflammatory was not included.

Ultimately, despite the duct tape found on Caylee Anthony's remains, the possible use of chloroform and the strange circumstances, it wasn't enough.

They eventually found Casey Anthony, 25, not guilty of murdering Caylee, but guilty of lying to police four times in the course of their investigation.

"We knocked those out right away because the evidence was there," the jury foreman said, but the murder charge was a different story entirely.

An early vote on the murder charge in the jury room was 10-2 to find Casey Anthony not guilty, he said. Less than 11 hours later, it was 12-0.

"I think emotion [about Casey's behavior] could have played into it, just gut response," the juror said, though he never asked his counterparts.

Eventually, the two dissenters came around, he added, as jurors considered what they felt were holes in the prosecution's evidence.

What do you think? Did the jurors get it right?


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